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New Mobile Machine Arrives


New Custom Build Mobile Diamond Cutting Machine Arrives

Our custom-made mobile diamond cutting machine has been designed from the ground up to be the ideal mobile refinishing machine for alloy wheels. Our machine will produce a great finish every time and save you hundreds of pounds in replacements.

Finishing Touch Machine MKII will arrive in February 2019 and will be capable of cutting a larger size alloy wheel.

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Cutter’s Choice

CUTTER'S CHOICE   With a unique 'back to first principle' diamond-cut wheel machine, here's why Finishing Touch Alloys franchisees will be able to cut wheels faster, more accuratelyWhen you meet Ian King, it’s easy to tell that he’s both energised by the...

Why do manufacturers choose diamond cut alloy wheels?

ALLOY WHEELS Should you use them?   Why do manufacturers choose diamond cut alloy wheels? Alloy wheels are considered one of the most attractive parts of a car. The alloy wheels are present on most kinds of vehicles these days, especially newer cars. If given a...

The Process Of Alloy Wheel Repairs

MOBILE REPAIRS How it Works   The Process of Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair There are various methods used by wheel refurbishing companies to repair and refurbish alloy wheels. Among these methods, the popular ones are Powder Coating, Diamond Cutting, and...

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